An important message to our SunVest community regarding COVID-19

The SunVest is built around a core belief that great things are possible when people across the world come together for a common purpose. In light of the growing threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it’s more important than ever that people, businesses, and governments, across sectors and borders, unite in support of the greater good and behave responsibly. With this in mind, I would to connect with you, our global community, to let you know what steps we are taking in response to this developing crisis.

Our employees are now working remotely – COVID-19 can be carried for four days before symptoms develop, accelerating transmission rates. We believe it is a collective responsibility to slow down rates of transmission where practically possible, and therefore, we have instructed our team to work from home until further notice. TheSunVest is a modern digital platform and we can adapt to this way of working so as to not impact our ability to continue operations and platform development. We are all in continuous communication to understand the impacts of COVID-19 and we are staying nimble and alert so we can respond to any potential business disruptions as swiftly as possible.

Our solar projects – We’re in regular contact with our installation partners and energy consumers to understand how they are being impacted.

Projects under construction:

  • All installations are currently being delivered as normal. We anticipate that supply chain issues may cause temporary shortages of some components, and we will work with our installers to find optimal solutions if these cases arise.
  • Our installers are committed to the timely installation of your solar cells. We do, however, plan to be flexible if there are any delays caused by any mandatory or voluntary self-isolation measures.

Future projects:

  • Several solar cell crowd sales are signed and being prepared for launch. Nigeria’s energy crisis is also very real and needs to continue to be addressed.
  • New solar cell crowdsales for schools will most likely be delayed due to forced school closures.

While your current priority is surely to address your own personal and family concerns about COVID-19, I hope you know that our team at TheSunVest is thinking of you. These are trying times, yet we remain optimistic knowing the sun will continue to shine upon us all.


Wishing you and your family health and wellbeing. STAYSAFE


Abiola Ajala
Founder & CEO, TheSunVest